Union Ministry of Sports has decided to recognise WAKO India Kickboxing Federation as a National Sports Federation to promote and develop sport in India.

Important Points

  • The Kickboxing Federation is affiliated to World Association of Kickboxing Organizations which is a world body for kickboxing.
  • Since 30th November 2020; WAKO has been a provisionally recognised member of International Olympic Committee.
  • Recommendation to approve WAKO as fully recognised member of Olympic family was taken by IOC in June 2020.
  • International Olympic Committee Executive Board has approved recommendation for WAKO on 10th June 2021 to become a fully recognized member of Olympic family of sport.
  • Full recognition of WAKO will be finally decided by IOC Session of July 2021 in Tokyo.

Significance of recognition

This recognition is significant to be fully included and accepted in Olympic movement.

Indian Association of Kickboxing Organisations

The national federation of kickboxing in India. It was established in the year 1993 to control and promote kickboxing activities in India. It promotes amateur kickboxing and professional kickboxing across the states, union territories and special armed force. IAKO is the first martial arts federations which has been recognised by School Games Federation of India.

World Association of Kickboxing Organizations

The international organization of kickboxing. It certifies the governing body of amateur kickboxing to develop support & govern amateur level and hold world championship events. It sanctions the champions of kickboxing. WAKO is the only organisation across the world which is recognised by GAISF (Global Association of Sports Federations) and IOC (International Olympic Committee).

WAKO India Kickboxing Federation gets Govt recognition WAKO India Kickboxing Federation gets Govt recognition