PM Modi, spoke about the history of the United Nations and India’s association with it since it birth – 75 years ago, in his UN-ECOSOC speech
United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) session Headquarters New York, United States

United Nations needs Rebirth United Nations


The yearly High-level Segment convenes a diverse group of high-level representatives from the Governments, the private sector, civil society and academia.

The theme of this year’s High-level Segment is “`Multilateralism after COVIDI9: What kind of UN do we need at the 75th anniversary”.

(Multilateralism is an example of cooperation among globally governments and used in contrast with unilateralism. Unilateralism is when a state acts without regard to the support or interests of other states.)

United Nations needs Rebirth United Nations


In our joint fight against Covid- I 9, we have extended medical and other assistance to over 150 countries.
Our ‘housing for all’ programme will ensure that every Indian will have a safe and secure house over her head by 2022, when India completes 75 years as an independent nation.

United Nations REBIRTH

“Multilateralism needs to represent the reality of the contemporary globally. Only Reformed Multilateralism with a reformed United Nations can meet the aspirations of the humanity.
Today the fury of the pandemic provides the context for its rebirth.Let us not lose this chance ” Modi

The UN was originally born from the furies of the 2nd World War.
Today, the fury of the covid-19 pandemic provides the context for its rebirth and reform. Let us not lose this chance.


Several nations and regional blocs have said that UN needs reformation. Several UN bodies like WHO work on a system that is outdated
U.S has even pulled out of WHO because of its role in Covid 19 pandemic coverup for China


India made this statement after becoming a non-permanent member of the UNSC
India has been advocating for UNSC permanent seat for a while under G-4 group


The Political cooperative alliance G4 (Group of 4 countries) nations comprising Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan are 4 countries which support each other’s bids for permanent seats on the UNSC.


As stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi in January 2020:1 would say the Security Council’s main shortcoming is the under-representation of developing nations. We reiterate our position that India and Brazil absolutely deserve to be on the security council together with an African candidate, our position is that the purpose of the reform is to make sure that the developing nations enjoy a better treatment in the central organ of the UN”.


Since the G-4 countries initiative has failed to yield any proper result, India should now work towards demanding a completely new structure of the United Nations
A UN where the new Security Council has more than 5 members and a proper representation of countries like India. United Nations needs Rebirth United Nations