The Union Cabinet has formally approved Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (India) and Ministry of Health (Denmark) on Cooperation in areas of Health and Medicine.


  • Bilateral Memorandum of Understanding will encourage cooperation between both the ministries by joint initiatives and technology development in health sector and strengthen bilateral ties of India and Denmark.
  • It will also encourage cooperation through joint initiatives and development of research in health sector.
  • It will facilitate for improving public health status of people in both the countries.

India- Denmark Bilateral relations

Both have set up a diplomatic relation by establishing Denmark’s embassy in New Delhi and India’s embassy in Copenhagen. Relation between the countries are cordial and friendly. It is based on cooperation in the fields of politics, economics, academic and research. Both the countries hold periodic high-level visits.


Foundation for a friendly relationship between India & Denmark was laid by Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He visited Denmark in the year 1957 after India’s independence in 1947.

Bottlenecks of relation

The Government of India decided to scale down its diplomatic ties with Denmark in the year 2012 after Denmark refused to appeal in their Supreme Court against decision by its lower court of rejecting extradition of prime accused of Purulia arms drop case, Kim Davy.

Danish Colony in India

Tranquebar was a Danish Colony in India from 1620 to 1845. Tranquebar is a town in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was sold, along with the other Danish settlements in India, to Great Britain in the year 1845. Nicobar Islands were also colonized by Denmark and were sold to British in the year 1868.

Union Cabinet approves MoU with Denmark on Health Union Cabinet approves MoU with Denmark on Health