The Union Cabinet of India, Chaired by Prime Minister Modi, allocated 5 MHz spectrum in 700 MHz band for Indian Railways. It will help in boosting hi-speed radio communication.

  • Rs 25,000 crore will be spent in coming five years to modernize signals and implement 5G spectrum in Railways.
  • The Collision avoidance system which has been developed by four Indian companies under Make in India initiative and real-time communication will make rail travel safer & faster.
  • The TCAS (Train Collision Avoidance System) and ATP (Automatic Train Protection) System were also given approval.
  • Indian Railways has envisaged to provide LTE (Long Term Evolution) based Mobile Train Radio Communication on its route by replacing optical fibre is which is used currently.
  • With the availability of spectrum, railway can establish radio communication.

Long Term Evolution in Railways

The Long Term Evolution in Indian Railways will be used to provide secure & reliable voice, video & data communication services for operational, safety & security applications. It will be used for modern signalling & train protection systems. LTE can ensure seamless communication between loco pilots & guards and can enable Internet of Things based remote asset monitoring of coaches, wagons & locos. It can also enable live video feed of CCTV cameras in train coaches to ensure safer, efficient and faster train operations.

Spectrum Charges

The Spectrum charges may be levied on the basis of formula as prescribed by Department of Telecommunications for Royalty Charges and License Fee for Captive use on recommendations of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.


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Union Cabinet allocates 5 MHz spectrum for Indian Railways Union Cabinet allocates 5 MHz spectrum for Indian Railways