British high commissioner to India Sir Philip Barton on 3 August got appointed as the permanent under secretary to head the newly merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This new appointment of Sir Barton as the Permanent Under Secretary of the new ministry came just after the approval of UK PM Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

The new Merger

PM Johnson has earlier announced to the parliament that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Dominic Raab) and the Department for International Development (Anne-Marie Belinda Trevelyan) will merge to form the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. In 2020, This new ministry called FCDO will be established and it will be led by the Foreign Secretary. The function of the new ministry will involve a combined function of DFID and FCO.

Why the new Merger

However three former PM Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, James Gordon Brown PC HonFRSE and David William Donald Cameron have criticized the decision to merge DFID and FCO in the past. The PM Boris Johnson has justified its merger mentioning how it would strengthen Britain’s position in an intensely competitive world.

Further, he stated this new merger will help a lot in other aspects too like, increasing focus on a specific issue, to encourage collaboration between different policy areas, to improve the delivery of govt services.

Department for International Development

In 1997, DFID was formed. The main goal of the department is to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty. DFID main work area involves sector of, Health, Education, Govt and Civil Society, Social Services, Production Sectors, Water Supply, Sanitation, Economic Sector including Infrastructure, Environment Protection, Research, and Humanitarian Assistance.

UK envoy to India Philip Barton got promoted UK envoy to India Philip Barton got promoted