On 4th June, The World Sustainable Development Summit was organised on the eve of World Environment Day. The Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar, addressed the summit and underlined the importance of water conservation by adopting conservation technologies and changing water use habits.’

Theme of Summit “Redefining our common future: Safe & Secure Environment for All”.

According to the Prakash Javadekar, availability of water is continuously declining and agriculture sector alone consumes 85% of available water. Thus, water conservation methods should be used in Agriculture to manage available water resources efficiently.

World Sustainable Development Summit

The annual flagship event organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Summit brings together political leaders, Nobel laureates, decision-makers from bilateral & multilateral institutions, scientists & researchers and media personnel to discuss issues related to sustainable development.

Aim of the summit

The World Sustainable Development Summit aims to provide long-term solutions to benefit of global community by assembling different stakeholders on single platform.

World Environment Day

The day is celebrated on 5th June. It is a flagship day of UN to promote worldwide awareness and action on environment. This year, Pakistan is hosting the world environment day in partnership with UN Environment Programme under the theme ‘ecosystem restoration’.

The World Sustainable Development Summit 2021 The World Sustainable Development Summit 2021