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1 Exacerbate (verb)
Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse
Synonyms: aggravate, complicate, worsen
Antonyms: allay, alleviate, assuage, ease, help, mitigate, relieve

2 Retaliatory (adj)
(of an action) characterized by a desire for revenge (मुंहतोड़)
Synonyms: avenge, redress, requite, revenge, venge

3 Culminate (verb)
Reach a climax or point of highest development (समापन)
Synonyms: cap (off), climax, crown

4 Amicable (adj)
Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord (मैत्रीपूर्ण)
Synonyms: agreeable, compatible, congenial, frictionless, harmonious
Antonyms: disagreeable, discordant, disharmonious, disunited, incompatible

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5 Recrimination (noun)
An accusation in response to one from someone else (आरोप)

6 Sanctity (noun)
The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly, ultimate importance and inviolability (पवित्रता)
Synonyms: blessedness, devoutness, godliness, holiness, piety
Antonyms: godlessness, impiety, ungodliness, unholiness

7 Cohesion (noun)
The action or fact of forming a united whole (एकजुटता)

8 Defiant (adj)
Showing defiance, uncooperative
Synonyms: balky, contrary, contumacious, disobedient, froward, incompliant
Antonyms: amenable, biddable, compliant, conformable, docile

9 Conciliatory (adj)
That tries to end an argument or a disagreement (मिलाप करनेवाला)
Synonyms: appeasing, conciliating, disarming, mollifying, pacific
Antonyms: antagonizing

10 Regrettable (adj)
That you should feel sorry or sad about (खेदजनक)
Synonyms: deplorable, distressful, distressing, grievous, heartbreaking