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1 Breadwinner (noun)
A person who earns money to support their family, typically the sole one (कमानेवाला)

2 Ex gratia (adj)
(of payment) given as a favour or from a sense of moral obligation rather than because of any legal requirement (अनुग्रहपूर्वक)

3 Externalise (verb)
Fail or choose not to incorporate (costs) as part of a pricing structure, give external existence or form to

4 Raft (noun)
A large amount of something

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5 Ameliorative (adj)
To make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve (उन्नति करनेवाला)
Synonyms: amend, better, enhance, enrich, help, improve, meliorate
Antonyms: worsen

6 Confine (verb)
Keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, or time) (सीमित)
Synonyms: cap, circumscribe, hold down, limit, restrict
Antonyms: exceed

7 Fend (verb)
Look after and provide for oneself, without any help from others (बचाव करना)
Synonyms: bulwark, cover, defend, fence, forfend, guard, keep, protect
Antonyms: assail, assault, attack

8 Perpetual (adj)
Never ending or changing (लगातार)
Synonyms: continuing, continuous, incessant, nonstop, running
Antonyms: discontinuous, noncontinuous

9 Dilemma (noun)
A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable, puzzle (दुविधा)
Synonyms: catch-22, double bind, quandary

10 Helm (verb)
Manage (an organization)
Synonyms: conn (also con), navigate, pilot, steer