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1 Propriety (noun)
Conformity to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals, correctness (औचित्य)
Synonyms: decency, decorum, form
Antonyms: impropriety, indecency, indecorum

2 Transgression (noun)
An act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct; an offence (उल्लंघन)
Synonyms: breach, crime, debt, error, lawbreaking, malefaction, misdeed
Antonyms: noncrime

3 Gubernatorial (adj)
Relating to a governor (गवर्नर संबंधी)

4 Impediment (noun)
A hindrance or obstruction in doing something (अवरोध)
Synonyms: balk, block, chain, clog, cramp, deterrent, drag, embarrassment

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5 Enormity (noun)
The great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong (दुष्टता)
Synonyms: atrociousness, badness, depravity, evilness, heinousness
Antonyms: goodness, righteousness, virtuousness

6 Derogation (noun)
An exemption from or relaxation of a rule or law (अनादर)
Synonyms: bad-mouth, belittle, cry down, decry, denigrate, deprecate
Antonyms: acclaim, applaud, exalt, extol (also extoll), glorify, laud, magnify

7 Engulf (verb)
Powerfully affect (someone); overwhelm.
Synonyms: deluge, drown, flood, gulf, inundate, overflow, overwhelm, submerge
Antonyms: drain

8 Occupation (noun)
A job or profession, the action, state, or period of occupying or being occupied by military forces
Synonyms: calling, employment, game, lay, line, profession, trade, vocation

9 Hostage (noun)
A person seized or held as security for the fulfilment of a condition (बंधक)

10 Neutralise (verb)
Make (something) ineffective by applying an opposite force or effect (बेअसर करना)