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1 Don (verb)
Put on (an item of clothing)
Synonyms: put on, slip (on or into), throw (on)
Antonyms: doff, remove, take off

2 Humanoid (adj)
Having an appearance or character resembling that of a human

3 Seamless (adj)
Smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next (निर्बाध)
Synonyms: absolute, faultless, flawless, ideal, immaculate, impeccable
Antonyms: amiss, bad, censurable, defective, faulty, flawed, imperfect

4 Intubation (noun)
The insertion of a tube into a patient’s body

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5 Sentinel (noun)
A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch, an indicator of the presence of disease (प्रहरी)
Synonyms: custodian, guard, guardian, keeper, lookout, minder, picket

6 Foster (verb)
Encourage the development of (something, especially something desirable) (लालन-पालन करना)
Synonyms: advance, cultivate, encourage, forward, further, incubate, nourish
Antonyms: discourage, frustrate, hinder, inhibit

7 Draconian (adj)
(of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe (कठोर)

8 Anathema (noun)
Something or someone that one vehemently dislikes, hateful (अभिशाप)
Synonyms: ban, curse, execration, imprecation, malediction, malison
Antonyms: benediction, benison, blessing

9 Ostensibly (adv)
As appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; apparently (प्रत्यक्ष तौर पर)
Synonyms: apparently, evidently, ostensively, presumably, putatively

10 Perusal (noun)
The action of reading or examining something (अध्ययन)