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1 Lay down
Formulate and enforce or insist on a rule or principle
Synonyms: constitute, enact, legislate, make, ordain, pass
Antonyms: repeal, rescind, revoke

2 Salutary (adj)
(especially with reference to something unwelcome or unpleasant) producing good effects; beneficial, advantageous (लाभदायक)
Synonyms: advantageous, benefic, beneficent, beneficial, benignant, favorable
Antonyms: bad, disadvantageous, unfavorable, unfriendly, unhelpful

3 Override (verb)
Use one’s authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.) (रद्द करना)

4 Prod (verb)
Stimulate or persuade (someone who is reluctant or slow) to do something (उकसावा देना)
Synonyms: dig, goad, spur

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5 Pilgrimage (noun)
A journey to a place of particular interest or significance (तीर्थ यात्रा)

6 Convene (verb)
Come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble (संयोजित)
Synonyms: assemble, call, convoke, muster, summon

7 Perturb (verb)
Make (someone) anxious or unsettled (व्याकुल)
Synonyms: agitate, ail, alarm (also alarum), bother, concern, derail, discomfort
Antonyms: calm, compose, quiet, settle, soothe, tranquilize

8 Suo motu (adj)
Relating to an action taken by a court of its own accord, without any request by the parties involved (स्वतः संज्ञान लेना)

9 Subservient (adj)
Prepared to obey others unquestioningly, less important

10 Abatement (noun)
The reduction or removal of a nuisance, lessening
Synonyms: deduction, discount, reduction
Antonyms: accession, addition