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1 Bemoan (verb)
Express discontent or sorrow over (something)
Synonyms: bewail, deplore, grieve (for), lament, mourn, wail (for)
Antonyms: delight, exult (in), glory (in), joy, rejoice (in)

2 Fret (verb)
Be constantly or visibly anxious, cause anxiety to (झल्लाहट)
Synonyms: bite (at), corrode, eat, erode, gnaw, nibble

3 Ambiguity (noun)
The quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness (अस्पष्टता)
Synonyms: ambiguousness, darkness, equivocalness, equivocation
Antonyms: clarity, clearness, obviousness, plainness

4 Lacuna (noun)
An unfilled space; a gap (कमी)
Synonyms: crunch, dearth, deficiency, deficit, drought (also drouth), failure
Antonyms: abundance, adequacy, amplitude, opulence, plenitude

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5 Resonate (verb)
(of an idea or action) meet with agreement, evoke images, memories, and emotions (संबंधित)
Synonyms: echo, reecho, resound, reverberate, sound

6 Fathom (verb)
Understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought (थाह लेना)
Synonyms: plumb, sound

7 Illuminating (adj)
Helping to clarify or explain something
Synonyms: educational, educative, enlightening, informational, informative
Antonyms: unenlightening, unilluminating, uninformative, uninstructive

8 Stray (verb)
Move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place (भटका हुआ)
Synonyms: err, fall, offend, sin, transgress, trespass, wander

9 Purposive (adj)
Having or done with a purpose (एकाग्र)
Synonyms: conscious, deliberate, intended, intentional, knowing, purposeful
Antonyms: nondeliberate, nonpurposive, unintentional

10 Extrinsic (adj)
Not part of the essential nature of someone or something; coming or operating from outside, external
Synonyms: accidental, adventitious, alien, external, foreign, supervenient
Antonyms: inherent, innate, intrinsic