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1 Elite (noun)
A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society (समाज का उत्कृष्ट भाग)
Synonyms: A-list, aristocracy, best, choice, corps d’elite, cream, crème de la crème

2 Communiqué (noun)
An official announcement or statement, especially one made to the media (सरकारी सूचना)
Synonyms: advert, advertisement, announcement, bulletin, notice

3 Consensus (noun)
A general agreement, harmony (आम सहमति)
Synonyms: accord, agreement, concurrence, concurrency, unanimity, unison
Antonyms: conflict, disagreement, dissensus

4 Bonhomie (noun)
Cheerful friendliness; geniality, conviviality (खुशमिज़ाजी)

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5 Palpable (adj)
Perceptible, noticeable, (of a feeling or atmosphere) so intense as to seem almost tangible (स्पर्शनीय)
Synonyms: appreciable, apprehensible, detectable, discernible, distinguishable
Antonyms: impalpable, imperceptible, inappreciable, indistinguishable, insensible

6 Anachronistic (adj)
Belonging or appropriate to an earlier period, especially so as to seem conspicuously old-fashioned

7 Outreach (noun)
The extent or length of reaching out (बढ़ जाना)

8 Clampdown (noun)
A concerted or harsh attempt to suppress something, suppression, prevention

9 Folly (noun)
Lack of good sense; foolishness (मूर्खता)
Synonyms: absurdity, asininity, bêtise, fatuity, foolery, foppery, idiocy

10 Reconcile (verb)
Restore friendly relations between, make someone accept (a disagreeable or unwelcome thing) (संधि करना)
Synonyms: accommodate, attune, conciliate, conform, coordinate, harmonize
Antonyms: disharmonize