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1 Slacken (verb)
Reduce or decrease in speed or intensity (ढीला करना)
Synonyms: ease, loosen, relax, slack
Antonyms: strain, stretch, tense, tension, tighten

2 Constraint (noun)
A limitation or restriction (बाधा)
Synonyms: continence, discipline, discretion, inhibition, refrainment
Antonyms: disinhibition, incontinence, unconstraint

3 Resurface (verb)
Arise or become evident again, (of a person) come out of hiding or obscurity

4 Roil (verb)
Make (someone) annoyed or irritated (क्रोधित करना)
Synonyms: boil, churn, moil, seethe

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5 Ferocity (noun)
The state or quality of being ferocious, brutality, violence (क्रूरता)

6 Heady (adj)
Having a strong or exhilarating effect, exciting (प्रचंड)
Synonyms: ecstatic, elated, elevated, enrapt, enraptured, entranced
Antonyms: depressed

7 Inoculate (verb)
Treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; vaccinate (टीका लगाना)
Synonyms: endue (or indue), imbue, inculcate, infuse, ingrain

8 Out of the woods
Out of danger or difficulty

9 Onus (noun)
Something that is one’s duty or responsibility (दायित्व)
Synonyms: blot, brand, slur, smirch, smudge, spot, stain, stigma, taint

10 Entail (verb)
Involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence
Synonyms: carry, comprehend, contain, embrace, encompass, include
Antonyms: exclude, leave (out), miss out, omit