Recently, a new species named “Stygarctus Keralensis” has been identified in Indian state Kerala. The tiny & tough species of Tardigrades has been named after Kerala.’’


  • They are small specie which are commonly called as ‘water bears’ and ‘moss piglets’.
  • Tardigrades are so tiny that require high-end microscopes to study them.
  • They are also the hardiest animals on Earth despite their size.
  • Tardigrades were first described by German zoologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze in the year 1773.
  • He called these species as kleiner Wasserbar.

Stygarctus keralensis

Stygarctus keralensis new tardigrade species belongs to genus Stygarctus. They are the 1st taxonomically described marine tardigrade from Indian waters. They was discovered from Vadakara in north Kerala. They are the 8th species named under genus Stygarctus. They grow up to the length of 130 micrometers (0.13 mm) and are found on mountain tops as well as deep sea. They have survived five mass extinctions. They get involved in curious process dealing with environmental stress called ‘cryptobiosis’ which brings their metabolic activities to reversible standstill.


It is a genus of tardigrades of family Stygarctidae. It was named in the year 1951 by Erich Schulz. Greek Styx and arktos.

Stygarctus keralensis New Tardigrade species named after Kerala Stygarctus keralensis New Tardigrade species named after Kerala