Space Exploration Technologies Corp has again launched its 22nd resupply services mission called SpaceX CRS 22, using cargo Dragon 2 capsule, to International Space station.

22nd Commercial Resupply Services mission

This is the 2nd mission under new Commercial Resupply Services contract of SpaceX with NASA and 5th capsule in last 12 months which SpaceX sent to Space station. The 22nd launch is also the first launch of 2021 on new Falcon 9 rocket booster. Falcon 9 Rocket launch vehicle is carrying 7,300 pounds of research materials, supplies, hardware and new solar arrays. It is also carrying a number of research experiments which will be conducted on Space station. It is carrying a oral bacteria to test germ growth with Colgate toothpaste.

SpaceX Dragon

The Dragon also known as Dragon 1 or Cargo Dragon. SpaceX has developed this class of reusable cargo spacecraft. It was launched into orbit by Falcon 9 launch vehicle of SpaceX to resupply Space Station. It was first launched in the year 2010 as the first successful commercially built and operated spacecraft. In 2012, a cargo variant of Dragon became first commercial spacecraft to successfully engage with and attach to International Space station. SpaceX contracted with NASA’s commercial resupply program to deliver cargo to International Space station and dragon started its regular cargo flights in October 2012.

SpaceX launches 22nd Resupply Services Mission to Space Station SpaceX launches 22nd Resupply Services Mission to Space Station