Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung has erupted once again. The Sinabung volcano was dormant for 400 years (40 Decades) and erupted first in 2010 and second time in 2014.

The Mount Sinabung is the most active volcano in the Indonesia. It is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire (basin of the Pacific Ocean) that has more than 120 active volcanos.

Mount Sinabung (Pleistocene to Holocene stratovolcano) is located in the North Sumatra Island of Indonesia.

Pacific Ring of Fire

The Pacific Ring of Fire is a major area in the Pacific Ocean where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. Around 90 per cent of world earthquake occur only in this region. The pacific ring of fire is a direct result of plate tectonics.

Plate Tectonics

The pacific Ring of Fire is caused due to the collisions of Lithospheric plates (regions of Earth’s crust and upper mantle). They are as follows

  • The eastern section of pacific ring of fire is due to the collision of Nasca Plate (oceanic plate tectonic in the eastern Pacific Ocean) and Cocos Plate (young oceanic tectonic plate,  west coast of Central America).
  • In the northern ring of fire, the Pacific plate subducts Aleutian Islands (Island chain in Alaska) arc.
  • The Cocos Plate is subducted beneath the Caribbean Plate.
  • The Pacific Plate and the Juan de Fuca Plate (Cascadia subduction zone) are subducted beneath North American Plate
  • The Southern portion of ring of fire is complex with number of small tectonic plates

Volcanos in India

They are Narcondam in Andaman Islands, Baratang in Andaman Islands only active volcano in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dhosi Hills in Haryana, Dhinodhar Hills in Gujarat and Tosham Hills in Haryana.

The volcanos in Andaman are dormant and the rest are extinct.

Types of Volcanos

An Active Volcano is a volcano that has at least once eruption in the last 10 thousand years. An active volcano might be erupting or dormant. A Dormant Volcano is an active volcano that is not erupting but is supposed to erupt again. An extinct volcano erupts for at least 10 thousand years and not expected to erupt again.

Sinabung Volcano of Indonesia erupts Sinabung Volcano of Indonesia erupts