The Indian Coast Guard is on vigilance after oil spill was reported from Haldia-bound Portuguese flag container ship.

  • The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Colombo notified about mid-sea oil spill about 450 kilometer South East of Chennai.
  • The Portuguese flag Container ship MV Devon developed an underwater crack in fuel tank on passage from Colombo to Haldia, West Bengal.
  • Tank was containing about 120 Kiloliters of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil.
  • Crack resulted in spillage of about 10 Kiloliters of oil into sea before preventive action was taken.
  • The Vessel was carrying 10,795 tonnes of general cargo in 382 containers and manned by 17 crew.

Oil Spill

It can be defined as “uncontrolled release of crude oil, gasoline, fuels, or other oil by-products” into environment. It can pollute land, air, or water; however, the term is mostly used for oceanic oil spills. They have become a major environmental problem because of intensified petroleum exploration & production on continental shelves and transportation of huge amounts of oils in vessels.

Impact of Oil spills

  • In the ocean, oil spills are harmful to aquatic life as it prevents sunlight from penetrating into sea and reduces dissolved oxygen level.
  • Crude oil damages insulating and waterproofing properties of feathers and fur of birds. Thus, it can decrease body temperature to below-normal levels.
  • The Oil spills can damage habitat and reproductive rate of animals.

Oil Spill from Haldia-bound Portuguese flag container ship