June 10, The North’s Korean Central News Agency said all cross-border communication lines with South Korea would be cut off at noon in the first step of the determination to completely cuts off all contact means with South Korea and get rid of unnecessary things. North Korea cuts off all communication with South Korea

When South Korean Democracy nation officials tried to contact their North Korean communist country counterparts via several channels after the North’s Korea announcement on Tuesday, the North Koreans didn’t answer, according to the South Korean ruling government .

North Korea cuts off all communication with South Korea


Not First Time- North Korea has cut communications in the past not replying to South Korean phone calls or faxes and then restored those channels when tensions eased.
North Korea has been accused at times of intentionally creating tensions to bolster internal unity or to signal its annoyance over a lack of progress in nuclear talks with Washington (US).


In its announcement, North Korea said Tuesday 9 June move was a response to South Korea’s failure to stop activists from suspended anti-Pyongyang leaflets across their border Line .
South Korea’s liberal government, which endeavour improved relations with North Korea, said that Cross-border hotlines must be maintained as they are the basic means of communication between the two Nations North Korea and South Korea.


A hotline is a point to point communications link between two nations in which a call is automatically directed to the prequalified destination without any additional action by the user when the end instrument goes off-hook.
For use in emergencies or for communication between both countries heads of government.

HOTLINE For Example (India-Pakistan)

On 20 June 2004, South Asian Nation India and Pakistan both agreed to extend a nuclear testing ban and to set up an Islamabad (Pakistan)—New Delhi(India) hotline between their foreign secretaries aimed at preventing misinterpretation that might lead to nuclear war. The hotline was set up with the assistance of United States military officers (USA).

Issue Between North and South Korea

Between North Korea and South Korea Nations there are over 49 direct phone lines(HOTLINE), the first HOTLINE which was opened in September 1971.
Since 1971, North Korea deactivated the hotlines seven times (last 5 Decades), the last time in February 2016.
After Kim Jong-un’s North Korea Leader New Years address, the border hotline was reopened on January 3, 2018.


Hotlines have been established between the two Koreas nations to arrange diplomatic talks, deconflict military operations, coordinate air and sea traffic, hold humanitarian discussions, and cooperate on economic issues.
Most of all, the South sees the lines as an important way to prevent misunderstandings in the event of a crisis. North Korea cuts off all communication with South Korea

North Korea cuts off all communication with South Korea
North Korea cuts off all communication with South Korea
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