A new fresh water fish called Punitus Sanctus was found in Velankanni, Tamil Nadu. The fish was found in a small water body.

Sanctus means ‘holy’ in Latin. Punitus is a species of fish that are commonly found in the drains of Western and Eastern Ghats and also in Eastern Himalayas.

About the Genus
The Genus Punitus is locally known as Kende in Tamil Nadu and Paral in Kerala. The Punitus belongs to the family of Cyprinidae. Cyprinidae is a family of freshwater fish. They are collectively called Cyprinids. The family includes Barbs, Goldfish, Bitterlings and Carps. New Freshwater fish found Punitus Sanctus

About Punitus sanctus
The fish was silver in colour. It grows to a maximum length of 7 cm. It has an extended mouth and hence is different from other species of the Punitus. The new fish found has now been deposited in the Zoological Survey of India.

Zoological Survey of India
The survey is conducted by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change. It was established in 1916. The survey is conducted to deepen the knowledge about the Faunal diversity in the country. New Freshwater fish found Punitus Sanctus