Cabinet lead by the PM Modi has approved the National Education Policy 2020. National Education Policy 2020 will replace the  1986 National Policy on Education . NEP 2020 is the first education policy of the 21st century and aims to bring transformational reforms in both school and higher education sectors.

New Education Policy

India’s education system gets an overhaul after 34 years
This is the third NEP after policies that came in 1968, and I986.Though the government amended the 1986 policy in 1992, it was largely the same.


1968 POLICY Based on the report and recommendations of the Kothari Commission (1964-1966), the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced the first National Policy on Education in 1968, which called for a “radical restructuring” and proposed equal educational opportunities in order to achieve national integration and greater cultural and economic development.


In 1964, the Kothari Commission had recommended a 6 % allocation of 6 % of GDP
But India never spent 6% of GDP on education since Independence