A Team of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Scientists and scientists form other universities from Boston to California are aiming to create computer models which can be used with satellite data to learn which parts of their dwindling deltas can be shored up and which deltas are past hope.


  • Scientists decided to create computer models in the backdrop of erosion, sinking land and sea rise due to climate change which have killed Louisiana woods near the Mississippi River delta system.
  • NASA is using high-tech airborne systems comprising of boats and mud-slogging work on islands at the cost of $15 million.


The state in south-central regions of USA. It is 19th-smallest by area and 25th most populous among 50 US states. It shares its border with state of Texas in west, Arkansas in north, Mississippi in east, and Gulf of Mexico in south. Its eastern boundary is demarcated by Mississippi River. It is the only state in US with political subdivisions termed parishes. It, along with Alaska, are two US states which are not subdivided into counties. Baton Rouge is its capital while New Orleans is its largest city.

Mississippi River

The second-longest river in North American continent after the Hudson Bay drainage system. Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota is the source of river. It flows generally south for 2,320 miles to form Mississippi River Delta in Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi’s watershed drains about 32 USA states and two Canadian provinces. Main stem of the river is entirely within United States. It is the 14th-largest river by discharge worldwide.

NASA to create computer models to protect Louisiana delta system NASA to create computer models to protect Louisiana delta system