Mohamed Irfaan Ali has been elected as the President of the South America nation Guyana. Irfaan Ali is a member of the opposition People’s Progressive Party. He succeeds David Arthur Granger.

David Arthur Granger is a member of A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (ANPU-AFC) and retired military officer. Granger holds President office sonce 2015. The People’s Progressive Party won 33 of the 65 seats in the National Assembly with 2.3 lakh votes, while the APNU-AFC earned 31 seats with 2.17 lakh votes.

David Arthur Granger has also written several books like  

  • Five Thousand Day War: The Struggle for Haiti’s Independence, 1789 – 1804,
  • The Queen’s College Cadet Corps, 1889 – 1975,  
  • Guyana’s Coinage, 1808 – 2008

Granger also holds three national awards

  • The Military Efficiency Medal (1976)
  • The Military Service Medal (1981)
  • The Military Service Star (1985)

Mohamed Irfaan Ali President of Guyana