The State Sports Minister of Mizoram, Robert Romawia Royte, has announced a cash incentive of Rs 1 lakh for having more children.

  • Rupees 1 lakh would be given to living parent with highest number of children in minister’s constituency to encourage population growth among the demographically small Mizo communities.
  • This declaration was announced at a time when several Indian states are advocating population control policy.
  • Person will also get a certificate and a trophy.
  • Cost of the incentive will be borne by a construction consultancy firm which is owned by Royte’s son.

Why this declaration was made?

Sports Minister made this declaration as infertility rate has increased and growth rate has decreased among Mizo population which has become a serious concern. Mizoram is far below optimum number of people to attain development across several fields because of gradual decline in its population.

Population density in state

About 52 persons live in area of per square km in Mizoram state. It has the second lowest population density in India, next to Arunachal Pradesh. National average is 382 per sq kilometer.

Mizoram announces incentives for having more children Mizoram announces incentives for having more children