On 11 July 2020, Elections Department Singapore declared result Lee Hsien Loong  wins election with majority of votes. Lee Hsien Loong has become the new PM of Singapore after the ruling People’s Action Party won the General Elections 2020 held in the country. People’s Action Party won with majority seats 83 out of 93 seats contested in GE 2020. Lee Hsien Loong come back after third term, this is now fourth term as the PM of Singapore.

Lee Hsien Loong is the third Prime Minister of Singapore since 2004. PAP is the ruling party in Singapore since independence in 1959.Lee Kuan Yew first PM of Singapore also belong to People’s Action Party. The General Elections 2020 held in Singapore are the only elections in South-East Asia, undertaken amid the ongoing pandemic.

Population: 56.4 lakhs (2018)

Currency: Singapore dollar

Lee Hsien Loong new Prime Minister of Singapore