• A total of eight lakh Indians could be forced to leave Kuwait as its National Assembly committee has approved a draft expat quota bill seeking to reduce the number of foreign workers in the Gulf country. • The National Assembly’s (unicameral legislature of Kuwait) legal and legislative committee has determined that the expat quota bill is constitutional.

Kuwait deport 8 lakh Indians

What does the bill say?

• According to the bill, Indians should not exceed 15 per cent of the Total population. (approximately 8 lakh Indians leaving Kuwait)

Current Population of Indians in Kuwait:

• The Indian community constitutes the largest expat community in the country, totalling 14.5 lakh.

• The current population of Kuwait is 43 lakh, with Kuwaitis making up 13 lakh of the population, and expats accounting for 30 Iakh.

Why is Kuwait taking such a step?

Reason No.1 : Coronavirus and Oil Prices

• Amid a slump in oil prices and crude oil production the covid-19 pandemic, there has been a spike in anti-expat rhetoric as lawmakers and govt of Kuwait officials call for reducing the number of foreigners workers in Kuwait.

• Last month, Kuwait’s current PM Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah proposed reducing the number of expats from 70 per cent to 30 per cent of the total population, the report said.

Reason No.2: Migrants are mostly illiterate

• Kuwait has a real problem in its population structure, in which 70% are expats, the Speaker said, adding that what is more serious is that 13 lakh of the 30 lakh expats “are either illiterate or can merely read and write”, the people Kuwait does not really need, the Kuwait Times reported.
• “I understand that we recruit skilled manpower, engineers and doctors and and not unskilled laborers. This is an sign that there is a distortion. Visa traders have contributed in increasing this number.

Where do Indians Work in Kuwait?

• According to the Indian embassy in Kuwait (Mr. Jeeva Sagar Ambassador), there are about 28 thousand Indians working for the Kuwait Govt in various sectors like engineers in national oil firms, nurses, and a few as scientists.
• The majority of Indians (523000) are employed in private sectors.

• In addition, there are about 116000 dependents on other sectors.

• Out of these, there are about 60 thousand Indian students studying in 23 Indian schools in the country.

India stands to lose remittances

• Kuwait (Country in the Middle East) is a top source of remittances for India.

• According to Govt Report In 2018, India received nearly USD 4.6 billion from Kuwait as remittances.

Kuwait deport 8 lakh Indians Kuwait deport 8 lakh Indians