The Khadi and Village Industries Commission under MSME Ministry is to set up the first of its kind training cum production centre of silk in the northeastern most state of Arunachal Pradesh. The centre is to be launched in the first week of September, this year.

The Khadi commission will provide machinery such as handlooms, warping drums and silk reeling machines. The centre is to provide training to 25 local artisans and will boost weaving activities in the region.

Silk in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal P is the biggest northeastern state that has vast potential for Sericulture. The state produces all 4 varieties of silk namely Mulbery, Oak Tasar, Eri and Muga. Oak Tasar is practiced in higher altitudes. Eri and Muga are practiced foothills areas and Mulbery is reared in middle altitude.

Silk Production in India

India is the 2nd global largest silk producer. Of the four varieties of silks, Mulberry accounts to 74.51 per cent, Eri accounts to 16.5 per cent Tasar to 8.5 per cent and Muga accounts to 0.55 per cent India exports silk mainly to United States of America and European countries. The employment generation due to silk production in the country raised to 8.03 million persons in 2014-15.

Silk Samagra

Silk Samagra scheme is implemented by the Central Silk Board of India. Between 2017 and 2020, the Indian Govt allocated ₹ 2,161 crores for the scheme to develop sericulture nationwide. The main components of the scheme are as follows

  • Seed organizations
  • Coordination and Market Development
  • Research Development, Transfer of Technology and Training and IT initiatives
  • Quality Certification Systems, Technology Upgradation and Export Brand Promotion.

Central Silk Board

In 1948, the board is a statutory body that was established. It service under Ministry of Textiles. Central Silk Board headquarters is located in Bangalore. The main functions of the Central Silk Board are as follows

  • To promote and develop silk industry
  • To assist and encourage scientific, economic and technological research
  • To advise central govt on matters relating to developing of silk industry
  • To prepare reports relating to silk industry as required by the indian govt from time to time.

Khadi commission Silk Training Centre in Arunachal Pradesh