The State Department of Fisheries in Kerala has constituted a 7-member committee to study and submit report on methods to resolve issues related to safety at sea.


  • Committee is headed by P. Sahadevan who was former additional director of fisheries.
  • 7-member Committee will study and submit report on methods to resolve issues related to safety at sea, coastal security and vessel monitoring systems.
  • It will also look after illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
  • It will also analyse the ”latest trends and internationally available options”.

Why committee was constituted?

The Fisheries department decided to constitute the committee as long-term solution because of increasing instances of fishing-related accidents at sea, especially during monsoons; problems related to coastal security and illegal & unregulated fishing.

Members of committee

7-member Committee comprises of Superintendent of Police (Marine Enforcement); Joint executive director of Agency for Development of Aquaculture (ADAK); Joint director & assistant directors (projects) of Fisheries Department and Registrar of Kerala University of Fisheries & Ocean Studies (KUFOS).


Presently, only fishing boats owned by entrepreneurs have been equipped with electronic safety aids. As a result, fishermen going astray across the ocean are pulled away by strong currents. They end up landing in neighbouring coastal countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Further, porous coastline poses a threat on national security. So, an effective vessel monitoring and surveillance system in Kerala is need of the hour to resolve these issues.