The World Food Safety Day was launched by the United Nations in 2019. The day is celebrated to reinforce the call made by the Geneva Conference in 2019 on “The Future of Food Safety”. This year the day is celebrated under the theme.

Theme: Food Safety, Everyone’s Business

This year, underneath the theme, the global organization is to marketinternational food safety awareness. Campaigns ar to be conducted to decision upon callmanufacturers, world organization Organizations, general public and civil societies to require action.

Addis Ababa Conference
The Addis Ababa Conference was the primary International Conference on Food Safety. The Conference mentioned priorities to succeed inproperty Development Goals and conjointly support world organization Decade of Action on Nutrition.

UN Decade of Action on Nutrition
The world organization Decade of Action on Nutrition could be a commitment of global organization for the years 2016-25. the last decadecan receive augmented nutrition actions from the globe organization.