Recently Israel has successfully tested an airborne high-power laser which have the capability to shoot down drones.

  • Israeli military already have large and sophisticated air defense system.
  • The airborne laser weapon system had 90% interception rate against thousands of rockets which were fired from Gaza during 11-day war of May 2021.

Laser defence system

This prototype developed with Elbit Systems. It was mounted on a civilian plane and successfully shot down drones in recent test conducted over Mediterranean Sea.

Laser weapon

The directed-energy weapon which are based on lasers. As of January 2020, directed-energy weapons including lasers are currently at experimental stage despite several Research and development. It is yet to be seen if or when laser weapons will be deployed as practical, high-performance military weapons. Laser generates a beam of light which needs clear air or a vacuum to work without thermal blooming.


The Atmospheric thermal blooming is a major problem. This problem can worsen if fog, smoke, rain, dust, snow, smog, foam like obscurant chemicals is present.

Israel successfully tests airborne laser weapon Israel successfully tests airborne laser weapon