Reports published by MOD (Ministry of Defence) of Israel lead by Benny Gantz. Israel Space Agency successful launched spy satellite “Ofek 16” into Low earth orbit. Ofek 16 the 12th Satellite launched by Israel Space Agency under its Ofek group of satellites. Ofek 16 was launched by Shavit rocket from a launch pad at Palmachim airbase in central Israel.

Ofek-16 Satellite

  • Ofek-16 is an electro-optical reconnaissance (spy) satellite.
  • The Ofek 16 satellite is advanced capabilities including breakthrough ‘blue and white’ technology and its payload was developed by defence firm Elbit Systems (Aerospace and defense company). 
  • Elbit Systems develop camera and payload technology for Ofek 16.
  • OFEC 16 launched by Shavit 2 Rocket. Shavit 2 Rocket produced by Israel Space Agency from 1982.
  • Ofek-11 part of Ofek group Satellite,was launched on 13 September 2016.
  • OFEC 16 officially work on nuclear program developed by Iran’s Armed Force’s.
  • OFEC 16 will also be used for spying the developments along its Lebanon and Syria borders neighbour countries.

Israel Ofek 16 spy satellite launched