On 16th July 2021, PM Narendra Modi is going to virtually inaugurate a newly-built 5-star hotel on the top of redeveloped Gandhinagar railway station.

This project on redevelopment of Gandhinagar railway station and construction of five-star hotel started by Indian Railway Stations Redevelopment Corporation (IRSDC) in January 2017.

Hotel Project

  • A Luxury hotel atop the railway station is having 318 rooms. It will be operated by a private entity. Hotel is spread across 7,400 square meters. It was built at a cost of Rupees 790 crore.
  • It will be used to host national and international guests attending seminars and conferences at Mahatma Mandir, which is a convention centre located opposite to the property.
  • Luxury hotel building has been over railway tracks and is one of the tallest buildings in Gandhinagar. It has the height of 76.99 metres with three towers of 9-11-11 floors. Building has been arranged in triquetra shape symbolizing ‘Trinity form’.

Other Projects

  • PM Modi will also inaugurate three new attractions at Science City in Ahmedabad virtually. Three attractions include- an aquatic gallery, a natural park and a robotic gallery.
  • Aquatic gallery: It has been built at a cost of Rupees 264 crore in Science City. It is India’s largest aquarium comprising of 68 large tanks to display marine life and sharks. Aquarium is having around 11,600 fishes and marine animals of 188 different species. It also comprises of a 28-meter-long underwater walkway tunnel which can be used to watch marine species. It also has a 5D theatre.
  • Robotic gallery: It has been built at a cost of Rupees 127 crore across 11,000 square meters area. It comprises of 200 robots of 79 different types, such as humanoid robot and machines which can interact with humans.
  • Nature Park: It has been built at a cost of Rupees 14 crore over an area of 20 acres. It comprises of life-size statues of animals.

first 5-star Hotel atop Railway Track in Gujarat first 5-star Hotel atop Railway Track in Gujarat