On 22nd June 2021, India is to host a 2-day summit on Green Hydrogen Initiatives. Summit will start involving the BRICS.

  • This Summit offers a platform to share their respective Green Hydrogen initiatives & views on how to take it to next level in their countries.
  • Online event will be hosted by India’s largest power producer and global energy majors called Summit.
  • Summit on Green Hydrogen will bring best brains, policy makers and major stakeholders from BRICS deliberating and discussing at length future of Hydrogen in energy mix.
  • It will witness panel discussions on ideas integrating hydrogen in overall energy policy framework.

Different types of Hydrogen

Hydrogen which is produced from fossil fuels is called grey hydrogen and those generated from fossil fuels with carbon capture & storage options is called blue hydrogen. On the other hand, Green Hydrogen is obtained entirely from renewable power sources.

Advantages of the Green Hydrogen

The Environment friendly because its usage led to zero emissions. It is a clean burning molecule which can decarbonise sectors like iron & steel, chemicals, and transportation. Green Hydrogen will also help in transition towards clean electric mobility and will help in reducing dependency on minerals & rare-earth element-based battery for energy storage.

India to host two-day Summit on Green Hydrogen initiatives India to host two-day Summit on Green Hydrogen initiatives