India and Russia Federation are finalizing to sign Defence Logistics Agreement that will permit full access of military bases and support facilities. The agreement signed formal by the end of 2020.

Shared Benefits

The Logistics Agreement will help to simplify inter-operability, enable support of military platforms such as aircraft and Navy warships. Formally, the agreement will help India receive immovable supply of weapons under Emergency Purchase Clause.

The Nuclear warships of the countries will get access to reciprocal ports and Special economic zone under the agreement. This agreement will allow refueling of aircraft and warships.

Access Ports

Defence Logistics benefits, Russian Federation vessels can access Vishakhapatnam and West coast of India (Mumbai ports) for refueling. O the other hand, India can access (Arkhangelsk, Igarka) Russian ports of Arctic. India will looking at Arctic station (polar stations).

Benefits for India

Indian Naval Forces has a significant strength of Russian made naval warships. The Logistics agreement will help the both countries naval ships to smoothly transit through exercises. Air force will get benefit to deploy aircraft during joint exercises.

During meet, India and Russian Federation are drafting to relaunch Chennai-Vladivostok shipping route.

Other Logistics Defence Agreement

India already signed similar Logistics Defence Agreement with Unites States, France and Australia. India is holding talks to finalize Logistics Defence agreement with Japan.

India Russia sign Defence Logistics Agreement