Recently International Telecommunication Union published a 2021 Cybersecurity Index. In this Index India has been ranked at 10th position.

  • India was ranked ahead of China at 33 and Pakistan at 79 in global cybersecurity ranking of countries.
  • India has improved its ranking from 47 to 10 in United Nation’s ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda.
  • The USA has been ranked first and is followed by United Kingdom.
  • Improved ranking acknowledges multiple initiatives that India have taken along with CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team).


This ranking was announced at a time when government has been dealing with instances of cross-border cyber-attacks. In February 2021, several instances were observed where government domain email addresses were used to launch cyber-attacks.

Global Cybersecurity Index

The project of International Telecommunication Union to rank cybersecurity capabilities of nations across the globe. It is a trusted reference measuring commitment of nations to cybersecurity at a world level. It is published to raise awareness of importance and different dimensions of cybersecurity issues. Country’s level of development or engagement in the field of cybersecurity is assessed in 5 pillars

  • Legal Measures
  • Technical Measures
  • Organizational Measures
  • Capacity Development and
  • Cooperation

And then data are aggregated into an overall score. Global Cybersecurity Index leverages capacity and expertise of different organizations in order to improve quality of survey, and to promote knowledge exchange in the fields of cybersecurity. ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda provides general foundation and framework for initiative.​

International Telecommunication Union

It was founded in the year 1865 and is an integral part of United Nations 1947. It has widest decision-making scope among international ICT organizations with respect to issues addressed and types of decisions made. Its treaties provide an international legal framework for cooperation between states, private sector etc.

India ranks 10th in Cybersecurity Index 2021 India ranks 10th in Cybersecurity Index 2021