On June 4, 2020, PM Modi participated at the Global Vaccine Summit that was led by the United Kingdom. At the summit, the prime minster announced that India will pledge 15 million USD to GAVI Alliance.

The world leaders have come together to find a vaccine to the COVID-19 with GAVI as an integrating platform. The Global Vaccine Summit organized by UK discussed on collecting funds for GAVI. Over 50 countries participated in the programme.

India at GAVI
India has now become a big supporter of the alliance. This saved GAVI 400 million USD in the past five years. Earlier India was only a beneficiary. Since 2014, India had become a donor. Till date India has donated 12 million USD to the Alliance.

PM Modi at the Summit
PM Modi highlighted the following at the summit

India shared its medicines to more than 120 countries.
India understands the importance of immunization. India has so far added six vaccines to its National Immunization Programme.
India has digitized the vaccine supply chain
The cold supply chain of the vaccines in India is being monitored by electronic intelligence network