The government of India is planning to make production of vehicle with flex-fuel engines mandatory for carmakers in the country.

  • This decision was taken days after advancing cut-off date for mixing 20% ethanol in petrol from 2030 to 2025.
  • GoI will soon take decision to ask auto industry to provide customers with option to choose a more cost-effective fuel to run their cars and 2-wheelers.
  • The Flex-fuel engines are already in vogue in countries such as Brazil, Canada and USA. In these countries, a lot of vehicle owners use ethanol as fuel for their cars.

Flex-fuel vehicle

Flexible-fuel vehicle or dual-fuel vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle in which internal combustion engine are designed to run on more than one fuel. They usually run-on gasoline blended with either ethanol or methanol fuel. Both of the fuels are stored in same common tank. Modern flex-fuel engines can burn any proportion of resulting blend in combustion chamber because fuel injection and spark timing are adjusted automatically in accordance with actual blend detected by fuel composition sensor.

Are they different than Bi-fuel Vehicles?

They are different than bi-fuel vehicles, where 2 fuels are stored in separate tanks and engine runs on one fuel at a time.

Flex-fuel Engines to get mandatory