India donate $15.46 million to the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.

India has contributed the funds to the UN Office for South-south Cooperation (UNOSSC) as a permanent representative of the United Nations. Of this, $9.46 million has been dedicated to the Commonwealth countries and $6 million to the overall fund.

India-United Nations Development Partnership Fund

The fund is managed by UNOSSC. UNOSSC was established in 2017. The Fund supports developing nations in achieving their 2030 Agenda of 17 Sustainable Development goals. Currently, there are 36 projects being implemented in 37 developing nations with the help of the fund.

So far, India has contributed $41 million towards the fund. India has committed $150 million towards the funds in the coming 10 years.

First Project of the Fund

The first project under the India-UN Development Partnership Fund focussed on increase in resilence to natural disasters in 6 Pacific Island nations. They are Kirbati, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia, Solomon Islands. It also included Kingdom of Tonga.


The UNOSSC is hosted by the UN Development Programme. In 1974, UNOSSC was established by the UN General Assembly. It promotes, coordinates and supports South-South cooperation globally and also within UN.

South-South Cooperation

The South-South Cooperation is the technical cooperation among developing countries. There are other terms of cooperation in the United Nations. They are as follows

North-South Cooperation

The North-South Cooperation is the social, economic and political cooperation between a developed and a developing nations. The terms north and south are being used as most of the countries in the northern hemisphere are developed and those in the southern hemisphere are developing.

Triangular Cooperation

The Triangular cooperation involves 3 actors such as one from the north and 2 from the south.

Commonwealth countries

There are 54 Commonwealth countries. All former territories of under the British Empire. India also a Commonwealth nation.

India contributes 15 million USD to UN India contributes 15 million USD to UN