Recently, India and Bhutan have signed an Memorandum of understanding to develop cooperation between two countries in the area of environment.

Memorandum of understanding

  • This Agreement was signed virtually by Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar.
  • It will open new vistas of bilateral cooperation in the area of climate change, waste management etc.
  • Agreement will act as a platform to enhance Indian and Bhutanese partnership & support and exchange best practices in areas like prevention of Air Pollution, Chemical Management, Waste Management, Climate Change, etc.
  • It also provides the possibility to have joint projects in areas of mutual interest.
  • It seeks to strengthen technological, scientific & management capabilities and expand areas of cooperation in the area of environment so as to promote a mutually beneficial partnership.

Impact of agreement

The Memorandum of understanding will facilitate exchange of experiences, best practices and technical knowhow between both the countries by means of public and private sectors and will contribute to sustainable development. However, no significant employment generation is envisaged through it.

Who will meet the Expenditure?

Financial implications of Memorandum of understanding are limited to holding of bilateral meetings or Joint Working Group meetings, alternatively in India and Bhutan. Travel cost of their delegation will be met by sending side while receiving side will bear the cost of organizing meetings and other logistic arrangements.

India-Bhutan sign MOU to cooperate in areas of Environment India-Bhutan sign MOU to cooperate in areas of Environment