New Delhi, India and United States of America held a strategic virtual energy partnership meet to review the progress of major achievement and also to prioritize new places of cooperation.

United States of America and India after the officials ministerial meet proclaim new areas of research on transformational power generation. India and USA research is based on supercritical power cycles. Both Nations will also work jointly on advanced coal technologies including carbon capture, storage and utilization.

Accelerating CCUS Technologies initiative

The main outcome of the countries ministerial meet is the participation of India in the multilateral platform Accelerating CCUS Technologies.

The ACT is an international initiative to establish Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage. The chief aim of the initiative is to accelerate CCUS (Co2 Capture Utilization storage).

ACT (Accelerating CCUS Technologies) is an worldwide initiative to facilitate Research and Development innovation in (Co2 Capture Utilization storage) technology. Around 14 nations globally are working together in Accelerating CCUS Technologies. Accelerating CCUS Technologies provide to fund world class projects.

Smart Grids

The Smart Grids being implemented by India-United States of America joint venture comprises of 30 Indian and United States entities with an investment of $7.5 million ($75 lakh).

India US meeting on Energy Partnership India US meeting on Energy Partnership