IIT-Ropar has developed a new device which is ‘Jivan Vayu’. Jivan Vayu as a substitute for CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

Jivan Vayu

  • Jivan Vayu functions even without electricity.
  • The device is adapted to both kinds of oxygen generation units namely, O2 cylinders and oxygen pipelines in hospitals.
  • Apart from fulfilling all medically required parameters, this device is leak-proof and having low-cost.
  • Jivan Vayu has been designed for a 22mm CPAP closed-circuit tube.
  • Jivan Vayu can even be customised as per size of the tube.
  • As the Jivan Vayu runs during power failures, it can be used to safely transport a patient.
  • It has been manufactured using 3D printing and has been tested mechanically.
  • Jivan Vayu can deliver high flow oxygen (20–60 LPM) and can maintain a continuous positive pressure of up to 20 cm H2O.
  • It has been designed to maintain a FiO2 of above 40 per cent and PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure) of 5-20 cm H2O.

Viral Filter

It has an inbuilt viral filter at air entrainment end, with viral efficacy of 99.99%. This filter ensures that air does not bring in any pathogens from environment.


The Jivan Vayu device was need of the hour amid the covid-19 when power supply is a key concern for saving lives of those who are on medical equipment like ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

IIT Ropar develop Jivan Vayu IIT Ropar develop Jivan Vayu