Recently GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) released a Indian wind energy market outlook. According to the report, India has a pipeline of 10.3 GW in Central and State markets. These pipelines will drive installations until 2023. Report highlights India will install 20 GW of wind energy capacity by 2021-25.

Global Wind Energy Council

In 2005, Global Wind Energy Council was established and it provides credible and representative forum for entire wind energy sector at international level. Its mission is to ensure that, wind power is established as the leading energy sources in world, providing several environmental and economic benefits. As per GWEC, even though there are temporary supply chain difficulties, international wind markets are growing strongly. European Union is the leading market in wind energy having around 48 GW of installed capacity.

India Wind Power Capacity

The India’s Wind power generation capacity has increased in recent times. India’s total installed wind power capacity was 38 Giga Watt, as of February 2021. It has fourth largest installed wind power capacity worldwide. Wind power capacity is spread across Southern, Western and Northern regions. Cost of wind power is decreasing rapidly in India. Levelized tariff of wind power is Rupees 2.43 per kWh in India in the year 2017 though, it increased to Rupees 2.77 per kWh in March 2021.

India to add 20 GW of Wind Energy Capacity by 2025 India to add 20 GW of Wind Energy Capacity by 2025