Orange brown chemical roll out over 6 hectares (15 acres) of nationally recognised marine life area in Mediterranean Sea french territory.

Leakage at the petrochemical plant in the southern French nation, Orange brown chemical spread large amount in the sea. American based KEM ONE, runs Lavera refinery is the largest refinery in the Southern France, spilled more than 200 gallons (757 litres) of iron chloride into the northern-western part of the Mediterranean sea.


Iron chloride is harmful for human. It directly hit human eyes and mucous membrane (layer of cells). It creates barrier in Ingesting.

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea is connected to Atlantic Ocean, Sea of Marmara, Nile, Ebro, Rhône, Chelif. more than 3300 island share their territory and 16 countries share bordering the Mediterranean Sea (Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Palestine etc)

Importance of sea

Mediterranean sea is the busiest trade routes in the world and europe. Sea important for europen union to trade with south-east asian nation. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean sea and the red Sea.

French Refinery leaks toxic chemicals into Mediterranean Sea French Refinery leaks toxic chemicals into Mediterranean Sea