7th & 8th Union Territories of India Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir celebrated it’s first anniversary of formation.


Indian Government revoked the special status to J&K by modifying Article 370 of the Constitution of India. After the abolition of the article, 2 union territories Ladakh and J&K were carved out under Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act 2019.

Article 370?

The Article 370 of the Constitution of India gave special status to the J&K between 1954 and 2019. The article conferred the state to have a separate constitution and autonomy over internal administration of the state.

The article along with Article 35A of J&K Constitution defined that the residents of the state shall have separate set of laws, fundamental rights, citizenship status, property ownership as compared to the citizens of other Indian states. An Indian citizen from other states, according to the article, cannot purchase land in the state.

5 August last year, all of the above special status to the state was abrogated making all the provisions of the Constitution of india applicable to the region as well. All the clauses of Article 370 except Clause 1 were declared to be inoperative.

After the abolition of Article 370, Right to Information Act, 2005 and Representation of People Act, 1951 were extended to these UT’s.

Key Changes

  • The police and public order are to be with the central government
  • The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir is to have a state legislature and Ladakh will not.
  • The powers of Lieutenant Governor of the territories were widened. The CM of the Union Territory has to communicate all administrative decisions of legislation with the Lieutenant Governor.

Terrorism since the abolition

During one year, that is, between 5th August 2019 and 5th August 2020, recruitment of terrorists in the region has fell by 42 per cent. It has reduced from 172 to 100. The number of terrorists trying to infiltrate from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) has decreased by 33 per cent.

Also, the terrorism incidents in the region has reduced to 181 in 2020 as against 395 in 2019. The law and order related incidents have fell from 370 per month to 28 per month.

Anniversary of J&K and Ladakh Anniversary of J&K and Ladakh