The Draft Master Plan of Delhi 2041 was made open for public scrutiny for coming 45 days. It will serve as blueprint for development of Delhi for next 20 years.

Draft focuses

The Master Plan document focuses on environment and tackling pollution. The Master plan also allows private developers to offer in land-pooling scheme for the first time.  It aims:

  • Make Delhi liveable & safe,
  • Provide better economic opportunities,
  • Offer housing for all. It emphasises on affordable & rental accommodation.
  • Redevelop old areas of Delhi.

Suggests for natural hazards

In a bid to address challenges faced during pandemics, earthquakes & floods, it has suggested for periodic safety audits to ensure structural safety and to establish a Delhi Disaster Response Force (DDRF).

Regeneration scheme for high-risk zones

Master Plan of Delhi 2041 proposes for decentralised workspaces, creation of open areas & public spaces, better habitat design & green-rated developments in order to reduce vulnerability to airborne epidemics & other such diseases and to reduce dependence on mechanical ventilation systems.


The Preparation of draft Master Plan of Delhi 2041 started in the year 2017. It continued through the lockdowns amid COVID-19 Pandemic. The Master plan will be GIS-based. Thus, zonal plans have been prepared after digitally mapping every service, land use and infrastructure. It has been prepared by Delhi Development Authority. It is an ‘strategic’ and ‘enabling’ framework which will guide the growth in Delhi. It has been prepared by eliminating loopholes of previous plans of 1962, 2001 and 2021.