Defence Agency, DRDO has developed the P7 Heavy Drop System (vehicle/ ammunition/ equipment) which is capable of para dropping military stores up to 7-ton weight class from IL 76 aircraft.

About P7 Heavy Drop System:

P7 Heavy Drop System design of this fully indigenous system has been developed by Aerial Delivery Research and Development laboratory of the DRDO, based in Agra. P7 Heavy Drop System has been made under the Make in India initiative. system manufactured by Larsen & Toubro (Construction engineering company) while parachutes manufactured by Ordnance Factory Board (Arms manufacturers company) under the Ministry of Defence. Parachute System is a multi-stage parachute system comprises of 5 Main canopies, 5 Brake chutes, 2 Auxiliary chutes, 1 Extractor parachute and platform is a metallic structure made up of Aluminium/steel alloys.

DRDO developed P7 Heavy Drop System for IL 76 aircraft