Delhi CM Kejriwal launched Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy. Under the new Vehicle policy, the Delhi Govt will waive registration fee and road tax. Also, it will provide an incentive of up to ₹ 1.5 lakhs for new cars in the National Capital Region.

The New Vehicle Policy aims to boost economy, create jobs and reduce pollution levels. Also, it aims to constitute 25 per cent electric vehicles by 2024. Currently, constitution of electric vehicles in capital is 0.29 per cent. The main highlights of the policy are as follows

  • Under the policy, the Delhi govt will give incentives up to ₹ 30 thousand for two wheelers, autos, freight vehicles and e-rickshaws
  • Govt will provide incentives up to ₹ 1.5 lakhs for cars.
  • Govt will give low interest loan on electric commercial vehicles.
  • The policy aims to increase new electric vehicles in the region to 5 lakh new electric vehicles in the coming five years.

Key features

The policy includes the following key features

  • To set up ‘State Electric Vehicle Board’ (SEVB) along with 200 charging stations in single year. This is to make sure there are charging stations within a radius of 3 kM.
  • The Delhi Govt will provide incentives to those willing to exchange their petrol and diesel run vehicles. This is the first of its kind nationwide.
  • The policy is to run for 3 years and the Delhi Govt is to review the policy later. If in need, amendments are to be made to the policy.
  • The policy will be addition to the centre’s scheme known as ‘Fame India Phase II’
  • As the electric vehicle sector is to boost and develop and will place huge demand for new employment opportunities with the policy being implemented, youths of Delhi region are to be trained in the field.


Previous five years, air pollution in the NCR has reduced by 25 per cent. The Delhi Govt plans to reduce it further with the new policy.