1 Inalienable (adjective)
That cannot be taken away from you. (अविच्छेद्य)
Synonyms: inviolable, indefeasible, inbred, imprescriptible
Antonyms: conveyable, transferable, assignable,
Example: The shareholders have the inalienable right to dismiss directors.

2 Cloak (verb)
To cover or hide something. (छिपाना)
Synonyms: Cover, conceal, hide, veil
Antonyms: unmask, reveal, exhibit, divulge
Example: The hills were cloaked in thick mist.

3 Expend (verb)
Spend or use up (a resource such as money or energy). (उपभोग करना)
Synonyms: use, utilize, burn up, exhaust, use up
Antonyms: save, conserve, keep, store
Example: She expended all her efforts on the care of home and children.

4 Vilify (verb)
To say or write unpleasant things about somebody/something so that other people will have a low opinion of them. (बदनाम करना)
Synonyms: malign, denigrate, libel, slander
Antonyms: commend, lionize, compliment, is exalt
Example: He has been vilified in the press.

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5 Dovetail (verb)
if two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, they fit together well. (अनुरूप होना)
Synonyms: fit in, go together, be in tune, tally
Antonyms: differ, disagree, mismatch
Example: My plans dovetailed nicely with hers.

6 Staid (adjective)
boring and old-fashioned. (ग़ैरदिलचस्प)
Synonyms: conventional, traditional, unadventurous, unenterprising
Antonyms: exciting, adventurous, daring. enterprising
Example: Their music seems rather staid in comparison to Rollins’ music.

7 Hubris (noun)
Excessive pride or self-confidence. (अभिमान)
Synonyms: arrogance, conceit, vanity, haughtiness
Antonyms: modesty, humility, meekness, diffidence
Example: As a Christian I am well aware that pride and hubris precede a fall.

8 Mercurial (adj.)
changing suddenly and without warning; reacting in an unexpected way (अस्थिर)
Synonyms: volatile, fickle, variable
Antonyms: certain, reliable, constant
Example- His mercurial and fickle temperament left him with few friends.

9 Ubiquity (noun)
The fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common. (सर्वव्यापकता)
Synonyms: universality, omnipresence, prevalence, pervasiveness
Antonyms: rareness, localization, uncommonness
Example: The ubiquity of mobile phones means you don’t really need a watch.

10 Pliant (adjective)
Willing to accept change; easy to influence or control. (आसानी से वश में आने वाला)
Synonyms: docile, yielding, susceptible, malleable
Antonyms: inflexible, stubborn, obdurate, obstinate
Example: The government wanted to make the press more pliant.

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