1 Brazen (adjective)
Bold and without shame. (निर्भीक)
Synonyms: Audacious, Unabashed, Impudent
Antonyms- Timid, Meek, Modest
Example- She had become brazen about the whole affair.

2 Shuddering (adjective)
Characterized or accompanied by violent shaking or vibration. (थरथराहट)
Synonyms: Trembling, Shaving, Quivering
Antonyms- Settled, Controlled, Stable
Example- The train came to a shuddering halt.

3 Ire (noun)
Anger. (क्रोध)
Synonyms: Wrath, Rage, Fury, Outrage, Choler
Antonyms- Pleasure, Calmness, Delight, Cheer
Example- The plans provoked the ire of conservationists.

4 Searing (adjective)
Severely critical. (अतयंत कठोर)
Synonyms: Fierce, Blistering, Scathing
Antonyms- Gentle, Calm, Mild
Example- A searing attack on the government.

5 Sacrosanct (adjective)
That is considered to be too important to change or question. (पवित्र)
Synonyms: Sacred, Hallowed, Inviolate, Blessed
Antonyms- Profane, Worldly
Example- I’ll work till late in the evening, but my weekends are sacrosanct.

6 Apparatus (noun)
The complex structure of a particular organization or system. (संरचना)
Synonyms: Structure, Framework, Set-up
Example- The union apparatus becomes an institutional structure within existing society.

7 Raft (noun)
A large number or amount of something. (प्रचुरता)
Synonyms: Plenty, Pile, Lot, Stack, Enough
Antonyms- Lack, Insufficiency, Little, Inadequacy
Example- They built a raft of logs.

8 Egregiously (adverb)
In an outstandingly bad way. (भीषण रूप से)
Synonyms: Awfully, Shockingly, Terribly
Example- The cars became egregiously unreliable.

9 Tenets (noun)
One of the principles or beliefs that a theory or larger set of beliefs is based on. (कार्मिक सिद्धांत नियम)
Synonyms: Principle, Belief, Dogma, Credo, Doctrine, Precept
Antonyms- Disbelief, Skepticism, Incredulity
Example- He reminded them of the basic tenets of biblical teaching.

10 Subsume (verb)
Include or absorb (something) in something else. (शामिल करना)
Synonyms: Contain, Involve, Comprise, Take in
Antonyms- Exclude, Eliminate, Leave Out
Example- All these different ideas can be subsumed under just two broad categories.

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