1 Gravity (noun)
Extreme importance and a cause for worry. (गंभीरता)
Synonyms: Seriousness, Significance, Graveness, Earnestness
Antonyms- Frivolity, Flippancy, Levity, Insincerity, Insignificance
Example- Punishment varies according to the gravityof the offence.

2 Imperative (adjective)
Very important and needing immediate attention or action. (आत्यावश्यक)
Synonyms: vital, Crucial, Essential, Necessary, Urgent
Antonyms- Unnecessary, Nonessential, Unimportant, Insignificant
Example- It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.

3 Constraint (noun)
A thing that limits something. (बाध्यता)
Synonyms: Restriction, Limitation. Restraint, Stricture, Control
Antonyms- Liberation, Unconstraint, Permission, Release
Example- This decision will impose serious constraints on all schools.

4 Tweak (verb)
To make slight changes to a machine, system. etc. to improve it. (सुधारना)
Synonyms: Adjust, Modify, Alter, Adapt, Transform
Antonyms- Remain, Keep, hold
Example- He should push harder on some innovative ways to tweak the welfare system.

5 Resort (verb)
To make use of something, especially something bad, as a means of achieving something, often because there is no other possible solution. (सहारा लेना)
Synonyms: Recourse, Press into Service, Way out, Turn to, Fall back on
Antonyms- Stop, Halt, Stay, Shun, Avoid
Example- They achieved their demands without having to resort to force.

6 Retrenchment (noun)
A deliberate reduction of costs. (घटाव)
Synonyms: Curtailment, Reduction, Cutback, Decrease
Antonyms- Expansion, Extension, amplification
Example- This period of retrenchment will see companies shed staff.

7 Tepid (adjective)
Showing little enthusiasm. (उत्साहिन)
Synonyms: Unenthusiastic, Listless, Half-Hearted, Uninterested, Indifferent
Antonyms- Enthusiastic, Zealous, Ardent, Eager, Passionate
Example- The play was greeted with tepid applause.

8 Moratorium (noun)
A temporary stopping of an activity, especially by official agreement. (थोड़े समय के लिए रुकावट)
Synonyms: Suspension, Postponement Delay, Respite, Freeze, Hiatus
Antonyms- Continuance, Renewal, Resumption
Example- He announced a moratorium on the building of new power stations.

9 Indulge (verb)
Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of. (आनंद लूटना)
Synonyms: Wallow in, give oneself up to, give. way to, yield to
Antonyms- Abstain, Deny, Deprive, Neglect
Example- She was able to indulge a growing passion for literature.

10 Axe (verb)
Reduce (costs or services) drastically. (कटौती करना)
Synonyms: Shorten, Cut Down, Abate, Lessen, Lower, Abridge, curtail
Antonyms- Increase, Expand, Raise, Extend
Example- The Chancellor warned the cabinet to axe public spending.

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